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On September 23, 1669 the Jesuit Academy of the Royal Free City of Zagreb was hooked up via a decree of Holy Roman Emperor Leopold the First. Run through Jesuits from its founding till the suppression of the Society in 1773, the college was to become the most important in Croatia, with extra than 70,000 college students, and the longest constantly-running institution of higher education in southeast Europe. Today the University of Zagreb offers 182 undergraduate or incorporated undergraduate programs, nine vocational and 174 graduate schools, seventy two doctoral packages and one hundred sixty five put up-grad tracks.

As the University methods its 350th anniversary, it became determined by means of the trustees that the Society of Jesus must play a pivotal position in the anniversary celebration. Not best because of the Society’s component within the founding of the University of Zagreb, but due to the reality that Fr. General Arturo Sosa is the Chancellor of the University’s Faculty of Philosophy and Religious Studies. It is for this birthday party that Fr. General is now appearing a visitation of the Society of Jesus in Croatia.

On March 21, as part of the celebration, a set of college students carried out a theatrical presentation named, “The Founding Father” that narrated the records of the group via the eyes of Fr. Filip Kauśič (1618-1673), the first rectory of the Jesuit Academy. The play changed into to set the tone of Fr. General’s participation inside the anniversary.

Speaking to the educational network, Father General first mentioned the wealthy history of the University then challenged them to look their paintings as no longer best training, however a mission of presence:

“This event is specially considerable in our time, that’s marked via the anxiety among secularism and religious and ideological fundamentalisms. In this second, the Catholic Presence within the college takes on a brand new meaning. By its very nature, the University is a pluralistic space in which we discover the conditions for talk and information of historic, personal and intellectual strategies. It is a privileged area for workout human freedom. It is a area of cooperation and change that does not exclude every person and, at the same time crosses all limitations.”

The General then recalled that the Society’s secular academic traditions were designed to adapt to social variations, and consequently the rich records of the University of Zagreb indicates that such edition is built into its very foundation. Fr. Sosa cautioned that the presence of the Society of Jesus in a college within an earthly environment can encourage research this is real to the ideas of academia even as additionally recognizes the pressing calls of the present and future. These calls, according to Fr. General, include the scandals of developing inequalities that generate violence, compelled migration, discrimination, authoritarianism and populism, as well as the lack of care for our commonplace domestic. Fr. Sosa ended his address with a name to work with the Society to locate methods to bring wish to future generations.

You can read the a part of Father Sosa’s speech entitled:

“Why will we Jesuits want to participate in university lifestyles?”

Watch the testimony of Professor Daniel Miščin, the author of the play approximately the Jesuit Filip Kauśič founder of the University of Zagreb in 1669.

See the photo album illustrating Fr. General’s go to to the Faculty of Philosophy and Religious Studies on the University of Zagreb.

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