Space Detail: The Liberty Of Wholeness – Ellen Grace O’brian

The five factors of nature —earth detail, water element, fireplace detail, air detail, and space element (or ether) are the fundamental constructing blocks of all advent. Everything in nature, including our our bodies and minds, is shaped of the factors. The factors are regularly lighter and subtler as they move from the density of earth to the transparency of air and space. Even even though all 5 factors are always found in nature (in various degrees), the diffused, pervasive nice of the air detail is extra simply perceived as omnipresent.

The space element (akasha in Sanskrit, that means no longer visible, area, or sky) is the most diffused of the 5. Space gives upward push to the alternative elements—air, fireplace, water, and earth. It is space that makes the entirety viable. All matters arise in it and return to it. We can consider area as expressing in 3 distinctive however interconnected methods: the endless, unbounded area of Spirit; the gap of man or woman awareness defined within the infinite discipline of Spirit; and bodily area—which we perceive in our our bodies and surroundings. The primary attribute of area is its all-pervasiveness and freedom from obstruction.The Presence of Space Element

Everything in nature, which include our bodies and minds, is shaped of the five elements–earth, water, hearth, air, and ether or area. Focused contemplation of any element may be a gap into the heart of truth. We can enjoy oneness with all existence and the delight that accompanies realizing our innate wholeness.

The detail of area or ether is the most diffused detail, an invisible subject this is an opening for opportunity on all degrees. Space can be physical, mental, or spiritual. It has the attribute of all-pervasiveness. It allows the opposite four factors to get up. All things stand up from and return to area. It makes the entirety viable, just like the area between notes that makes song viable.

We hammer wooden for a house, but it’s miles the inner space that makes it livable. –Lao-Tzu

I currently went on a personal retreat at a place proper on the sea with an expansive view of the sea and horizon. While there, I turned into taking into consideration the factors, thinking about introduction—how all Life has its origin and essence in Spirit, in Supreme Consciousness. I meditated on how that invisible essence takes on a visible form and expresses for a brief time.

Each day I watched the beach. Early inside the morning, humans might start to arrive, many with puppies. Pairs of fanatics, companies of pals, or households would stroll through or installation camp, build fires, run, kiss, play, read, or rest.

Like the tide flowing inside and out, the seashore might begin to clean at sundown. By the stop of the day, it turned into empty. The subsequent morning, the parade of people might begin again. Coming and going, acting, disappearing.

I recalled a chant sung by way of Paramahansa Yogananda called “When My Dream’s Dream Is Done.” The music starts with soulful wondering. “Whence do they come here? Whither do they flit away?” It is a poignant reflection at the brevity of our time right here and the seeming thriller of our journey.

The disciplines of yoga are designed as a manner of “subtilization” of our attention and cognizance. It’s a method that enables us see, perceive, figure, and experience what isn’t visible. We have a look at the factors and inquire—what’s past, what’s the origin of all I see?

In the Chandogya Upanishad, Svetaketu asks his father about this. What is the divine Self? His father tells him to deliver him the fruit from the nyagrodha tree. He instructs him to break open the fruit and asks what he sees. Svetaketu reviews that he sees many, many tiny seeds. His father tells him to cut up one of these seeds open and tell him what he seeds. When he does that, Svetaketu responds that he sees not anything in any respect. What you do now not see, instructs his father, is the hidden essence that brings forth all of existence, all that is. You, yourself, are that. A choice from that Upanishad reads:

Those who depart from this international with out understanding who they are or what they honestly choice don’t have any freedom right here or hereafter. But people who depart right here understanding who they’re and what they truely preference have freedom anywhere, both on this international and within the next. [1]

All of the character modifications (which include space). What is beyond alternate and phenomena? Through our discernment, our instinct, and our direct experience in superconscious meditation, we come to know I Am. I am That that is beyond trade. I am birthless, deathless Spirit that takes on a perspective and a shape for a brief at the same time as after which returns to its foundation.Creating a Spiritual Space

Like Jesus touching the floor at a moment of discernment, like Buddha touching the earth as his witness and help, we arrive, complete circle with the elements in time and space. Here, here, right here.

We acknowledge that what we really need is here, now. Like the Zen pronouncing, If you do not discover enlightenment right here, in which will you discover it? If we do not find peace here, healing right here, notion here, satisfaction here, freedom right here, where will we discover it?

The possibility arises, discernment arises, and beauty appears as we create a non secular space by turning into gift.

The breeze at dawn has secrets and techniques to tell you.Don’t go lower back to sleep.You have to ask for what you actually need.Don’t cross back to sleep.People are going back and forth across the doorsillin which the two worlds touch.The door is spherical and open.Don’t go back to sleep.

—Translated via Coleman Barks [2]

[1] Chandogya Upanishad VIII.1.6, from The Upanishads, Introduced and Translated through Eknath Easwaran, (Nilgiri Press, Tomales, CA 1982, 2007) 119.

[2] Rumi, “The Breeze at Dawn”, translated by using Coleman Barks, The Essential Rumi (Harper: San Francisco, 1995) 36.

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