A compact storage gadget wherein a trip driven through an electric motor runs on rails inside the garage channels, changing forklifts, appreciably decreasing working times and enabling items to be grouped by channels as opposed to entire lanes.

The Pallet Shuttle follows orders sent by way of an operator using a pill with Wi-Fi connection, depositing the weight in the first unfastened placement vicinity in the channel and compacting the pallets as an awful lot as feasible. By disposing of the want to power forklifts into the lanes, garage potential is improved in phrases of intensity, the danger of accidents and damage to the racks is negligible, operator movements are optimised and warehouse operation is modernised and made extra flexible.It is an ideal solution for groups with a high volume of pallets consistent with object and extensive loading and unloading pastime.FeaturesGreater diversification: each channel may be used to save a different item.High productivity: elevated waft of incoming and outgoing items.Greater potential: Storage of up to 40 m deepHighly price-powerful, thanks to the discount in working fees.Decreased incidents and preservation costs.Many advanced functionalities may be easily controlled from the pill.TopAdvantagesTechnology carried out at top running speedsSave spaceIncreased quantity of pallets intensive: garage channels can exceed forty m. The height restriction is conditioned by using the coping with approach used.The machine works with minimal clearances among degrees, which allows for high-density storage.Through the use of sensors the shuttles can position masses intelligently, eliminating empty areas inside the storage lanes. As such, the effective capability of the warehouse (which takes under consideration flows of products inside and out of the warehouse) reflects its physical ability.Save timeLoading and unloading instances are reduced, for the reason that operator does not need to paintings within the lanes.Movement velocity of the trip of ninety m/min when empty, or 45 m/min while loaded.Load lifting cycle of simply 2 seconds.On being given a single command, the commute can fill or empty an entire lane.Increased productivityIncreased go with the flow of goods in and out of the warehouse.Unlike traditional force-in systems, references can be grouped with the aid of channel, as opposed to requiring a full lane, which lets in for greater diversification.Optimisation of operator actions. Product-to-man or woman gadget: that is the burden that moves to the operator.While the Pallet Shuttle consists of out a command, the operator can accumulate some other pallet, hence attaining continuous movement.Depending on temperature and cargo situations, the go dobrovol.org back and forth has an operational variety of up to ten hours, operating at full ability.The lithium batteries are without difficulty reachable and have speedy connections that do away with the need for cables, so that they may be changed fast without interrupting the operation cycle.Elimination of errors.The machine is straightforward to apply and smooth to maintain.A unmarried tablet can manipulate up to 18 shuttles.Inventory function: The go back and forth can take inventory of the number of pallets saved in a channel.Save money

The result of the advantages cited previously, together with the intake of electricity, is a discount in fees, making Pallet Shuttle one of the maximum fee-powerful compact garage systems.VersatilityThe shuttle has integrated sensors that enable specific types of pallets to be detected and handled.The Pallet Shuttle models 1012 and 1212 are able to work with pallets of different widths and sizes. The 1012 model may be used to address Euro-pallets of 800 or 1,000 mm in width. The 1212 model may be used to address Euro-pallets of 800, 1,000 or 1,200 mm in width.All shuttles can function in LIFO or FIFO mode. The operator uses the tablet to pick the mode he desires to work with.The travel platform is designed to hold pallets with a buckling restriction of up to 25 mm.Any kind of managing equipment can be used to hold the travel.Up to 1,500 kg in line with pallet can be treated.It is viable to put in Mecalux’s Easy WMS Warehouse Management Software at the pill.The device is scalable. Over time, the number of shuttles can be extended effortlessly because the want to growth productivity arises.SafetyThanks to the manner that the shape is built, and for the reason that forklifts do now not need to force into the lanes, the danger of accidents is almost non-existent, and the metallic racks are not broken, meaning preservation is kept to a minimum.There is a person management characteristic that prevents unauthorised employees from the use of the shuttles.Both the racking and the shuttles have integrated protection functions specially designed to make certain an appropriate operation of the Pallet Shuttle device: rail stop stops, pallet centralisers, position sensors, and many others.Mecalux Guarantee

Mecalux designs and manufactures all of the component parts of the Pallet Shuttle compact storage machine, which includes the unique racking shape to make certain optimal motion of the shuttles, and the shuttles themselves.

This ensures perfect operation and a super match for all of the special elements of the device, in addition to their pleasant and compliance with the safety regulations in force in every united states of america.

Thanks to the sources invested in R&D&I, Mecalux’s Pallet Shuttle consists of the state-of-the-art technological improvements, presenting most suitable overall performance at a completely aggressive price. It has modern features, consisting of far flung control via pill, the positioning camera and the safety scanner. Additionally it’s miles one of the fastest structures in the marketplace and can be tailored to the precise needs of any warehouse, making it even extra green.

Mecalux provides a guarantee of 5 years for the Pallet Shuttle racking shape, of one year for the operation of the trip, and of six months for the operation of the batteries.TopAboutA way of fast and often transporting pallets back and forth

According to the dictionary definition, a shuttle is a vehicle that travels back and forth among constant factors at common durations. Mecalux’s Pallet Shuttle suits this description flawlessly, with the direction in this example going for walks from the rack’s P&D station to the first to be had space inside the storage channel (or the other manner, if unloading).

At one point, the evolution of compact garage structures raised the following question: Why no longer make it a motorised travel, not a forklift, that enters the storage channel to deal with pallets, growing loading and unloading speeds and optimising the effective ability of the warehouse?.

The clever answer became Pallet Shuttle: the racking structure is adapted so a trip with an electric motor can pass alongside the inside of garage lanes on a music, following the instructions given through the operator the use of a Wi-Fi pill.

The forklift leaves the weight at the song, and the Pallet Shuttle alternatives it up and moves it independently, storing it in its placement vicinity, all the at the same time as preserving the pallets as compact as viable. By casting off the need to power forklifts into the lanes, handling times are reduced, storage ability is extended in phrases of depth, the chance of accidents and harm to the metal cabinets is negligible, operator movements are optimised and warehouse operation is modernised.

This is how the Pallet Shuttle gadget offers a compact storage solution that reduces working fees and improves overall performance inside the supply chain. Making progress the smart way.Example of a compact warehouse with Pallet ShuttleTopIn ActionCompact semi-computerized warehouse with Pallet Shuttle

In semi-automated installations, operators only need to drive the forklifts that bring the pallets and initiate the motorised commute’s pastime. The movement of the shuttles inside the racks is automated.

A forklift locations the Pallet Shuttle within the channel where paintings is to be achieved.

Next, the forklift is used to position pallets one by one in the channel entrance, resting them at the load-bearing beams.

Using the tablet, the operator sends the command to the go back and forth to begin the loading operation. Once the vicinity of the pallet has been diagnosed, the Pallet Shuttle lifts the pallet barely, and actions it horizontally until it reaches the first to be had region, in which it deposits the pallet. Different sensors accurately control the movement of the weight being stored.

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