From 1 September 2022, the NTU campus commute offerings can be operated by way of ComfortDelGro Bus (CDGB).  

Look out for the blue buses on campus, with out a change to the inner go back and forth service routes. NTU Omnibus App

Navigate our campus with the all-new NTU Omnibus app!Track buses in actual timeGet timely bus carrier updatesCheck occupancy on the next busSearch for bus stops and routes 

Watch this video for a quick review of the app:Download the NTU Omnibus app nowadays!

Three Shuttle Bus Routes serve the campus. 

Campus Loop – Blue (CL-B) & Campus Loop – Red (CL-R) circle the campus.

Campus Rider (CR) ventures off-campus to and from Pioneer MRT station. On weekends and holidays, Campus Rider will become Campus Weekend Rider (CWR) with an extended path.

NIE (opp. LWN Library)Opp. Hall sixteenOpp. Hall 14Opp Nanyang Crescent HallsOpp. Hall elevenNanyang Heights (opp. Hall eight)Hall 6 (opp. Hall 2)Opp. Hall 4Opp. Yunnan GardenOpp. SPMSOpp. WKWSCIOpp. CEE

 Op hours(hrs)Freq(minutes)Term TimeMon – Fri 0800-10301030-12001200-13001300-21002100-2300 5-610-thirteenfive-610-thirteen18-20VacationMon – Fri 0800-10301030-21002100-2300 eight-1015-1818-20Sat, Sun &Pub Holidays0800-230020-25

LWN Library (opp. NIE Blk 2)SBSWKWSCISPMSYunnan GardenHall 4Hall 1 (Blk 18)Hall 2Hall eight & nineHall 11Hall eleven, Blk 55Nanyang Crescent Halls​​Hall 12

 Op hours(hrs)Freq(minutes)Term TimeMon – Fri 0800-10301030-12001200-13001300-21002100-2300 five-610-thirteen5-610-thirteen18-20VacationMon – Fri 0800-10301030-21002100-2300 8-1015-1818-20Sat, Sun &Pub Holidays0800-230020-25

Mon – FriPioneer MRT Station Exit B (Blk 649A)Hall 1Hall 2University Health ServiceAdmin BuildingOpp. Hall 2Pioneer MRT Station Exit B (Blk 649A)

 Op hours(hrs)Freq(mins)Term TimeMon – Fri 0730-10301030-17001700-19001900-2300 five-710-155-710-15VacationMon – Fri 0730-2300 15-20

Sat, Sun & Pub HolidaysPioneer MRT Station Exit B (Blk 649A)Hall 1Hall 2University Health ServiceAdmin BuildingADM (opp. Hall 8)LWN Library (opp. NIE Blk 2)CEE (N2)SBSWKWSCISPMSYunnan GardenHall fourHall 5Pioneer MRT Station Exit B (Blk 649A)

 Op hours(hrs)Freq(minutes)Sat, Sun &Pub Holidays0730-10301030-19001900-20302030-230015-2020-2515-2020-25

Will there be a alternate in bus routes?No, the brand new buses will nonetheless ply the identical routes as before, i.e. Campus Loop Red, Campus Loop Blue, Campus Rider and Campus Weekend Rider.Why must I pass towards the rear of the bus while boarding?This will allow more passengers to board the bus and indicates consideration to different commuters.Can I board the bus from the again door?Passengers ought to continually board from the front door and alight from the lower back. This helps the driver to manipulate passenger occupancy.What have to I do while the bus is complete?For the safety of all passengers, please do no longer board and wait for the subsequent bus. Please use the NTU Omnibus app to test on the advent time of the subsequent bus.  The bus is transferring slowly, why?The velocity of the bus is controlled and regulated to make sure arrival on the bus stops in a well timed manner.Why does more than one bus from the equal route arrive at once? The buses may be in advance or not on time due to street or weather situations.  The speed of the bus is continuously monitored, managed, and regulated to ensure well timed arrivals. However, this is subjected to climate and road situations.How are the new buses unique from before?The new bus fleet may be absolutely electric powered with the aid of stop 2022. Commuters can anticipate quieter rides (<70dB) and with decrease carbon emissions.Are pets allowed on the bus?No pets aside from manual dogs are allowed at the bus.Are Personal Mobility Devices (PMD), foldable bicycles and prams allowed at the bus?

Yes, they are  allowed on the bus however subjected to area availability. Commuters have to additionally adhere to the subsequent regulations:Cover dirty wheelsFold bicyclesFold pram or stroller if not in useFold and transfer off the PMDThe bus driving force does now not wait despite the fact that he saw me looking to trap the bus. Why?The bus may also already be completely occupied. For your protection, please do not run after the bus after it has pushed off.How will bus punctuality be ensured?The velocity of the bus is continuously monitored, controlled, and regulated to ensure timely arrivals. However, that is subjected to climate and street situations.  How can I find out approximately the bus arrival statistics? / How can I discover approximately seating availability?  Commuters may also use the new NTU Omnibus cell app to check on arrival and seating records of buses servicing the routes.Will the bus termination factor be displayed on the buses? Yes, the bus termination points are to be displayed on the bus.Who ought to I touch concerning the NTU campus trip bus provider?For remarks at the bus service, please use the remarks feature inside the NTU Omnibus app to proportion your hints. For other enquiries or comments, please touch the Office of Commercial & Auxiliary Services (Transportation Admin) at: Email: 6790 5198 (at some point of office hours

GENERAL The app crashes. What ought to I do?

If the problem persists, Report a case for investigation with the statistics underneath:User organization, Name, Email and Preferred mode of contactQuery: Other IT Issues

In the Description, please suggest:NTU OmniBus appTImestamp LocationDevice kind, model OS versionScreenshot photographHow to check my currentlocation?

Please click on on “Location” icon at the bottom proper of the display toshow the contemporary region. Please make sure to turn on “Allow While Using App” if there isa permission pop-up.

If the problem persists, please go to your phone settings and allow NTUOmnibus to get entry to the Location. 

Otherwise, Report a case for research with the statistics below:User group, Name, Email and Preferred mode of contactQuery: Other IT Issues

In the Description, please suggest:NTU OmniBus appTImestamplocationDevice type, versionOS versionScreenshot photoIf my phone has been set to a exceptional place other than Singapore, am i able to download the NTU Omnibus app?

Yes, you could download the NTU Omnibus app, to be used within the campus.SHUTTLE BUSWhy is the Map now not loading?

It is probably due to smartphone reminiscence trouble OR the app won’t be the today’s version. You can also attempt the subsequent: Check community connectionRestart the AppDownload the present day version of the NTU Omnibus app from the App Store or Google Play Store

Why is my cutting-edge location now not showing or transferring?

This characteristic is disabled for privacypurposes. This app does no longer tune user’s area.

Please click at the proper bottom ofthe screen to see your cutting-edge place, as and whilst you preference so. Please discuss with  instructions above on checking modern-day user place. Why is the envisioned time of arrival (ETA) unavailable?

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