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Zlatan Ibrahimovic started his professional football career in 1999 in Sweden for the club Malmo FC.
Since then, the behemoth of a striker has traveled the world playing for some of the best and most popular clubs in all of World Football.
Here is a look at his club career in terms of goals, starts, appearances and competitions. Cup matches were only noted in the case that Ibrahimovic played more than seven total cup matches collectively for a specific club.
It has been quite the ride for the Swedish international and will be fascinating to see where Ibrahimovic chooses spend the rest of his football playing days.
Data gather from ESPN and Soccerway.
Only league appearances for Ibrahimovic at his first club, Malmo FF from 1999-2001.
Ibrahimovic played for Ajax from 2001-04.  
Ibrahimovic appeared in seven total cup matches and scored four total goals for Ajax during his time at the club. 
Ibrahimovic’s first taste of a European club competition.  
Ibrahimovic’s first go-round playing in Italy.  
Ibrahimovic’s data in Europe for Juventus.  
The Swede’s league play at Inter. 
European competitions for Zlatan with Inter.
Spanish football for Zlatan. 
Back to Italy for the Swedish striker. 
AC Milan cup play.
Zlatan with AC Milan in Europe. 
Welcome to France, Zlatan. 
More assists than goals for Ibra in Europe for PSG.
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