Area Of Freedom Definition

space        n  

1   the unlimited 3-dimensional expanse in which all material gadgets are positioned    Related adj    →


2   an c programming language of distance or time among two points, items, or occasions  

three   a clean portion or vicinity  

a   unoccupied area or room  there is no area for a table     

b   (in combination)  area-saving       Related adj    →


a   the area beyond the earth’s ecosystem containing the other planets of the solar gadget, stars, galaxies, and so forth.; universe  

b   (as modifier)  a space probe, space navigation     

a   the location past the earth’s surroundings happening between the celestial our bodies of the universe. The density is usually negligible although cosmic rays, meteorites, fuel clouds, etc., can arise. It can be divided into cislunar space (between the earth and moon), interplanetary space, interstellar space, and intergalactic space  

b   (as modifier)  a space station, a space simulator     

7   a seat or area, as on a teach, aircraft, and so on.  

a   a chunk of metal, much less than kind-excessive, used to separate letters or phrases in hot-steel printing  

b   any of the gaps used to separate letters, words or lines in photocomposition, computing device publishing, etc.  

nine     (Music)  any of the gaps between the lines that make up the workforce  

10     (Maths)  a collection of unspecified factors having properties that obey a unique set of axioms  Euclidean space     

eleven     (Also referred to as)

  spacing    (Telegraphy)  the time period that separates complete letters, digits, and other characters in Morse code       vb  tr  

12   to place or arrange at periods or with areas between  

13   to divide into or by way of areas  to space one’s time lightly     

14     (Printing)  to separate (letters, words, or strains) by the insertion of areas      (C13: from Old French espace, from Latin spatium)  ♦

  spacer     n  

breathing space       n  

1   sufficient place to allow freedom of motion  the united states of america offers us a few respiration area     

2   a pause for relaxation, etc.  a espresso ruin turned into their best breathing area     

Crookes space       n  a dark area near the cathode in a few low-strain gasoline-discharge tubes,  (Also referred to as)

  Crookes darkish space  

deep area       n  any place of outer space beyond the machine of the earth and moon  

double-area       vb  to kind (reproduction) with a full area among lines  

loose space       n  a location that has no gravitational and electromagnetic fields: used as an absolute fashionable,  (Also called (no longer in technical utilization))


hair area       n    (Printing)  the thinnest of the metal areas utilized in putting kind to separate letters or phrases  

internal area       n  

1   the surroundings beneath the floor of the ocean  

2   the human thoughts regarded as being as unknown or as unfathomable as area  

lifestyles area       n    (Psychol)  a spatial illustration of all of the forces that manage a person’s behaviour  

Minkowski area-time       n  a four-dimensional area wherein 3 coordinates specify the placement of a point in area and the fourth represents the time at which an occasion passed off at that factor      (C20: named after Hermann Minkowski)  

outer area       n  now not in technical utilization  any area of space past the environment of the earth  

pattern space       n    (Statistics)  the set of possible effects of an experiment; the range of values of a random variable  

unmarried-space       vb  tr  to kind (reproduction) with out leaving a space among the lines  

space age       n  

1   the period in which the exploration of space has come to be feasible       adj  ♦


2   usually prenominal  futuristic or ultramodern, esp. when suggestive of space generation  

area-bar       n  a horizontal bar on a typewriter this is depressed a good way to go away a area among words, letters, and many others.  

area blanket       n  a plastic insulating frame wrapping covered on one or both aspects with aluminium foil which displays again most of the frame heat misplaced by means of radiation: carried by way of climbers, mountaineers, and so forth., for use in cases of publicity or exhaustion      (C20: fabric at the start developed as part of the US space programme)  

space cadet       n  Slang  someone who is eccentric or out of touch with truth, as if stricken by capsules  

space pill       n  a automobile, every now and then wearing human beings or animals, designed to reap scientific statistics from area, planets, and so on., and be recovered on returning to earth  

space individual       n    (Computing)  a keyed space in textual content or information  

space heater       n  a heater used to warm the air in an enclosed location, together with a room or office  

Space Invaders       n  Trademark  a video or computer sport, the object of that is to spoil attacking alien spacecraft  

space lattice       n    (Crystallog)    the greater formal call for    →

  lattice    →


area medicine       n  the department of drugs worried with the outcomes on guy of flight outside the earth’s ecosystem    Compare    →

  aviation medication  

space opera       n  a science fiction drama, including a movie or tv programme, esp. one handling interplanetary flight  

space platform       n    some other name for    →

  area station  

space probe       n  a vehicle, together with a satellite, geared up to gain medical statistics, commonly transmitted back to earth via radio, approximately the atmosphere, surface, and temperature of a planet, conditions in space, and many others.  

area trip       n  any of a chain of reusable U.S. space automobiles (Columbia, Challenger (exploded 1986), Discovery, Atlantis, Endeavour) that may be released into earth orbit transporting astronauts and equipment for a length of observation, research, and many others., before re-access and an unpowered landing on a runway; the primary operational flight took place in 1982  

area station       n  any big manned artificial satellite tv for pc designed to orbit the earth in the course of a protracted period of time for that reason providing a base for scientific and scientific research in area and a construction web page, release pad, and docking preparations for spacecraft,  (Also called)

  space platform, space laboratory  

area-time  , space-time continuum       n    (Physics)  the four-dimensional continuum having 3 spatial coordinates and one time coordinate that together absolutely specify the place of a particle or an occasion  

area writer       n  a writer paid through the vicinity of his replica  

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