In the traditional method, the levels of freedom sure through every motion pair is subtracted from the sum of the stages of freedom of all rigid bodies.

The advantage of this approach is that it is easy to design analysis and calculation through analysts.

Especially inside the analysis of the diploma of freedom of the planar mechanism, the calculation of the virtual constraint and the nearby degree of freedom by means of the calculator can nearly complete the calculation of the degree of freedom of maximum establishments.

However, for the space enterprise, because the virtual constraint and the nearby diploma of freedom are difficult to identify, and the scale of the mechanism itself and the placement of the constraint are distinct, the real freedom of motion of the mechanism may also vary greatly.

This components has been tough to perform the project of calculating the degree of freedom of the agency.

However, it is hard to disclaim that this formulation has made high-quality contributions within the history of mechanical layout.

Many conventional mechanisms and mechanical devices are designed based on this components.

The degree of freedom is calculated via constructing the kinematics equation of the mechanism and studying its rank.

Or separate every closed chain of the mechanism, and analyze the diploma of freedom of the mechanism through the digital displacement matrix method.

The gain of this approach is that the diploma of freedom of the mechanism may be calculated perfectly in concept.

The calculation technique is less difficult in understanding.

However, despite the fact that this approach is easy to understand, the calculation manner itself is cumbersome, and the approach is appropriate for the analysis of the designed mechanism, and it isn’t always handy to use the method for the mechanism layout.

However, this method is likewise tremendously mature and nice understood, and many books had been brought.

The business enterprise’s Jacobian matrix calculates its null space to analyze the diploma of freedom of the organization.

Although this approach can theoretically remedy the degree of freedom calculation, the utility is pretty uncommon.

One is that the calculation of zero area could be very difficult, and even using software is hard to clear up.

The 2d is this technique is likewise applicable to the analysis and calculation of existing institutions, and it’s far tough to use this technique to acquire innovation.

The hassle of diploma of freedom calculation is solved primarily based at the know-how of group theory, Lie algebra and differential geometry.

Group concept, Lie algebra, and differential geometry are the magic weapons for solving complicated institutional issues.

If mastered, the design and evaluation of the organization, the design and calculation of the parallel mechanism, or even the conceptual layout of the employer have very positive significance.

Many contemporary theories of mechanics and robotics are based totally on this.

However, this technique requires a high level of understanding for the designer and isn’t sensible for normal designers and undergraduates.

A technique of calculating the degree of freedom based totally on spiral concept.

The spin is also a device for solving institutional problems.

Although this approach does not resolve all the levels of freedom trouble flawlessly.

But in phrases of knowledge, it’s far closer to the first one.

It is extra than the second in expertise problem, and the calculation problem is smaller than the second one.

It will have a subtle impact at the conceptual layout of the company.

However, for normal designers and undergraduates, knowledge remains difficult.

Overall, there was no best solution for institutional freedom calculations until 2015.

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